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TAMKO donates $250,000 to the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross to assist the region in recovering from the catastrophic tornadoes of late April. “Having seen the devastation first hand, we want to assist the Red Cross in the important work they are doing across the region,” said TAMKO’s President and Chief Executive…»

Event For Commercial Construction Professionals to Meet Building the Future: An Industry in Transition Some of the Speakers: Boyd E. Black President Construction Owners Association of America Assistant Vice, Capital Project Delivery Facilities Services Mark Cervenka Facilities Manager Texas A&M Health Science Center Mike Conley President The Construction Users Roundtable Engineering Manager DuPont Wayne A….»

Asbestos was once a heavily used material, in commercial building projects. Asbestos is a strong substance that is stronger than steel. Asbestos is unaffected by heat, chemicals, and does not conduct electricity. All of these features made asbestos seem like a great building material. However, throughout the years many health problems have been associated with…»

Duro-last Roofing – company produces prefabricated, single-ply roofing systems used on the flat and low-sloped roofs of businesses, schools and other commercial buildings. Duro-Last’s reflective white roofing membrane, known as the Cool Zone, has been given the Energy Star seal by the Environmental Protection Agency and reduces energy consumption by lowering the roof-top temperature. News…»

Asphalt Shingles – are the most common type of shingles used on commercial roofs. Reinforced with organic material, fiber glass, or wood fibers asphalt shingles can last up to thirty years. Their are other shingles made from asphalt, such as Laminated shingles. Laminated shingles are available in a wide variety of textures and colors that…»

When applying roof material you can use roof cleaners, that are available in spray bottles. These cleaning solutions are good for cleaning oxidation, grime, oil, greese, adhesive residue, tar, and other residue on the surface of the material. These spray cleaners work well on many commercial roofing membranes EPDM roofing membranes TPO roofing membranes Metal Roofing…»

Commercial Roofing Professionals Exclusive Interview with Whitco Roofing Incorporated   Recently we had the privilege of interviewing a highly respected corporate member of Whitco Roofing Incorporated. Whitco Roofing, Inc. is a large scale commercial roofing company who works with respectable organizations such as Sysco Foods, YKK, Westin Hotels, and the City of Columbus. Commercial Roofing…»

EPDM can be installed using the following methods: Loose laid EPDM This method is widely used in the commercial roofing industry, because it can be done so quickly. It involves using large sheets of EPDM. EPDM Mechanically Attached There are several types of mechanically attached EPDM systems available on the market. These EPDM sheets are…»

Finding Help Commercial Cool Roofs Rebates When it comes to justifying cool roofs in a tough economy, rebates from gas and electric utilities are among the surest bets. Generally speaking, the utilities pay back a certain percentage — usually about $0.20 on the dollar — after installation and documentation. “Utilities are looking for ways that…»